Path: Sic Bo Strategy


When playing Sic Bo, the most important thing that you need to take into consideration is the fact that all the betting options have their respective house edge. The house edge is the inherent measure of automatic advantage of the casino over the person playing the Sic Bo game. The house edge on the Sic Bo table normally ranges from 2.78 percent up to more than 30 percent.

Another important aspect of the Sic Bo that players should take into account is the fact that it is impossible to envisage the outcome of the dice roll. Casinos make sure that there is no bias in the dice that would tend to favor a particular number or set of numbers.

Best Sic Bo Strategy for the Long Term

Players who intend to play for a lengthy time on the Sic Bo table should go for the betting options with the lowest house advantage. These betting options would normally give low payouts, but these will ensure that the house edge remains low over the long term. This means that it would ultimately give the player better winning probabilities.

Thus, your best betting options for the long term are either the Small or the Big. The house advantage for these betting options is 2.78 percent. You may also consider Odd/Even Sic Bo bets as they also have a house edge of 2.78 percent.

Low-Risk Strategy for Sic Bo

Steady or risk-averse players would naturally go for betting options with the lowest house advantage. Players can get the best advantage when they go for combination, Big and Small betting options. Players may also try a variation of the low-risk betting strategy. This requires you to set aside 15 Sic Bo betting units and wager on combination bets. Try to get two or three successive wins, and you should stop playing on the Sic Bo table once you obtain this winning run before you use up all 15 Sic Bo bets.

Medium-Risk Strategy for Sic Bo

The medium-risk betting strategy is perfect for players of Sic Bo who want to enjoy a certain degree of insurance while at the same time improve the chances of obtaining bigger wins. This Sic Bo betting strategy requires you to combine your bets so that it covers a certain range of winning results. 

The primary objective of this betting strategy is to increase your chances of winning by combining the bets so that it covers 4 possible results in every dice roll. However, you have to remember that you to stand to lose 4x the amount of your wager if you donít obtain a win for a particular spin. This added risk can be tempered by your potential winnings when you use this medium-risk betting strategy.

High-Risk Strategy for Sic Bo

Players who intend to play for a few spins must consider the high-risk betting strategy. This would mean that you have to go for the bets that provide the highest payouts and hope that you will hit the jackpot every time you place your bet. In this particular case, you would have to go for specific triple bets as these are the ones that have the highest payouts.

The house edge of casinos for triple bets is based on the amount of payout. The edge can range from 30.09 percent, when the payout is 150:1, to 16.20 percent, when the payout is 180:1.

An Important Reminder on Sic Bo Probabilities

One of the major mistakes of Sic Bo players is that they tend to be fixated on a lot of patterns. For instance, if the result for the 5 successive spins is Big, some players opt for Small. This betting strategy is based on the theory that 5 successive Big wins will be followed by Small. This is not the case, and you stand to lose your wager if you adopt this betting strategy based on some untested notion about probabilities.

You have to remember that each roll of the dice is independent of the other spins, and they are in no way related to each other. This means that the outcome of the next roll will not be affected by the result of the dice roll that preceded it.